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Basic Package

Your typical Motion Graphic. Need some quick advertising but don't have the budget for a superbowl level commercial? Then this is the package for you!






-Stock Footage

-Stock Music

- 1 Week or less turnaround time*

-1 Free Revision**

-15-45 second run time

-Horizontal OR vertical layout



Photography Package

Sometimes you just need someone to capture the moment. Whether its your car, your business, or just for fun, this package will immortalize it forever.




-Large array of photos

-2 Hours on site phtography

-4 Hours editing

-Quick turnaround time



Standard Package

Looking for something a bit more custom? This package has your name on it. An improvement over the basic package, this middle of the road choice ensures custom quality and a commercial you can be proud of!



-All of what's included in basic package

-Custom Footage


-15 second-1 minute final product

-Both a vertical and horizontal layout (if requested)

-2 Free Revisions





Comfortable in the editing room and just need a hand with your own shoot? Rent a videographer today to help you save some money without sacrificing quality!



$300 per day****


-Videographer help for a 10 hour day

-Advice given upon request



Premium Package

Fully Fledged Commercial. This isn't just something to sell products, it's art that people will be talking about for years to come.



-All that's included with the previous two packages

-Custom Script based on market research

-Paid Actors

-15 second-2 minute run time

-Horizontal and Vertical layout upon request

-3 Free Revisions***




Car Enthusiast Special

We love our rides. Why not star in a video showing yours off? Put yourself and/or your car in the limelight and roar onto the screen!






-Day of shooting****

-Top notch editing to make you a star

-1 mid-project revision**

car photography
drone photography
car videography


*Week or less turnaround time is for Basic Package only
**Additional Revisions available for $150 per revision
***A revision is NOT a complete re-edit.
****Day is a MAXIMUM of 10 hours. Shoot must end at midnight unless previously agreed on by client and Mode of Motion.
*****Price subject to change depending on distance to client

Contact us today for a custom quote!

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